Mia – links to forums and blogs relating to the issue.


My first link is to a forum presenting the views of facebook users regarding the new terms for facebook users.

I used this one because it has a few different opinions, as apposed to the others that were mainly negative.


The second link is  a forum that compares facebooks terms and conditions to competting social networks.

I found this one in particular the most informative, and a fantasitic example of well put together blog.

It also includs 122 trackbacks.


One Response to “Mia – links to forums and blogs relating to the issue.”

  1. facebook00acm1008 Says:

    comparing facebook to other social networking sites is a really good way of seeing where the web is going in regards to social networking and privacy, because most sites folllow suit, if one site changes something as Facebook has tried to do, other sites will become under pressure to provide the same or better services by it users. Privacy has become a hot topic as changes to social networking sites are fully being realized by some users. and agreements are being read for the clauses that will affect individuals rights when using a site.

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