Emma-Lee What facebook tried to do…..and failed……but what it could have been.


Last week Facebook administration tried to change its terms and conditions agreement. I read an article in the Herald Sun and The Age

Herald Sun – 18/2/2009 Facebook reassures users

The Age – 20/2/2009 Facebook privacy story a beat-up

Facebook is at odds with users because the very things that make facebook a great social networking tool are ultimately its downfall. While its great to share information, photos, jokes, videos, common interests you dont simultaneously want to do all those things with everyone you know. Like your work collegues dont need to know your favorite band and what you did on your weekend.

When on Facebook I think its best to no pretend to be something you are not, you cant pretend to be the party, when you have a nine to five job and go home and watch TV for fun. No matter how much you exercise caution when uploading and commenting on things others can see it. so you cant lie, cause someone will notice. you can untag yourself from photos but you can delete them if you didnt upload them.

You can post a video on Facebook it can become HUGE people can copy it. use it as their own. music videos constantly fall prey to this. Its a catch 22 of the good and the bad simultaneously.

The only advice I can give on this is just dont lie, dont pretend to be something you are not.


2 Responses to “Emma-Lee What facebook tried to do…..and failed……but what it could have been.”

  1. michaelserong Says:

    I think this has especially rings true when looking at Facebooks introduction of the ‘news feed’ feature. This feature was aiming to keep friends upto date with each other. However this does not take into account levels of friendship and displays peoples actions to basically anyone in the friend network. This feature exposes users behaviours basically en masse, whether it be announcing you have added photos, ended a relationship, accepted a friend,written on someons wall etc. I think that this kind of broadcating exposure has made many people quite uncomfortable.

    • facebook00acm1008 Says:

      Emma-Lee says:

      No one really wants to tell the world
      but news feed does spread the info around it does its job like a gossip generator.
      I dont really need my work friends to know that I did a quiz about what piecing I should get and god forbid that I get a smutty result that people think I would actually do it.
      but at the same time the longer people keep seeing all this information in their news feed, they are becoming immune to the results and nothing surprises the users anymore. so people then go to extreme lengths to get some attention like changing their status to I WANNA DIE…or something EMO like that.

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