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Emma-Lee Facebook in My Life

March 16, 2009

Facebook in my Life

If I was invited to something, I needed an invite to be sent in the mail or be told on the phone, which was more likely to get lost and me forget that I was invited.

I see photos of that party from last week I would have to see three different people who were there and find out who had the camera.

I couldn’t possibly remember everyone’s birthday. Facebook tells me and I send them a birthday note.

If I want tickets to see a band I like. I get notified by iLike that a band I like has posted a concert near me.

I no longer get ads for penis enlargements and erectile disfunction because facebook has tailored the advertising to key demographics. Male, female, and you can choose if you don’t want to see that weightless add again and choose adds about cool tees and a bands new album or tickets to see one of your fav bands like…..Amanda palmer at the Corner on March 3rd

All this makes more sense to me.

The bad things that have occurred
There are some pretty bad pictures of me, drunk at a party going around that I cant even get rid of.
What this has taut me is to try to look good when a camera is going around cause if you don’t they will come back to haunt you.

People commenting on photos of you……nasty things…but then you can always block them, but only if the photos are posted by you.

It’s a serious problem
I have to check my Facebook twice a day because if I don’t I do miss things like people inviting me to dinner or to a band on that night. They could have texted me…..but texting cost money, internet also cost money, but as uni students, internet is free at Uni or relatively cheap compared to mobile phone rates. This just proves that my friends are “tight”


Mia – links to forums and blogs relating to the issue.

March 11, 2009

My first link is to a forum presenting the views of facebook users regarding the new terms for facebook users.

I used this one because it has a few different opinions, as apposed to the others that were mainly negative.

The second link is  a forum that compares facebooks terms and conditions to competting social networks.

I found this one in particular the most informative, and a fantasitic example of well put together blog.

It also includs 122 trackbacks.

Emma-Lee What facebook tried to do…..and failed……but what it could have been.

March 5, 2009

Last week Facebook administration tried to change its terms and conditions agreement. I read an article in the Herald Sun and The Age

Herald Sun – 18/2/2009 Facebook reassures users

The Age – 20/2/2009 Facebook privacy story a beat-up

Facebook is at odds with users because the very things that make facebook a great social networking tool are ultimately its downfall. While its great to share information, photos, jokes, videos, common interests you dont simultaneously want to do all those things with everyone you know. Like your work collegues dont need to know your favorite band and what you did on your weekend.

When on Facebook I think its best to no pretend to be something you are not, you cant pretend to be the party, when you have a nine to five job and go home and watch TV for fun. No matter how much you exercise caution when uploading and commenting on things others can see it. so you cant lie, cause someone will notice. you can untag yourself from photos but you can delete them if you didnt upload them.

You can post a video on Facebook it can become HUGE people can copy it. use it as their own. music videos constantly fall prey to this. Its a catch 22 of the good and the bad simultaneously.

The only advice I can give on this is just dont lie, dont pretend to be something you are not.


February 26, 2009

In the 1st week

Mia, Michael and Emma-Lee took a brief look at Facebooks Terms and Conditions and will be investigating what the social consequences of agreeing to the terms and conditions without fully reading the document.